Transport & Automotive

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From our SER® consultations, we have found the 3 key success factors in Transport & Automotive comprise:

  1. Inventory optimisation to automate build lists
  2. Warehouse layout re-think to eliminate bottlenecks and allow quick flow of product
  3. Quality Assurance and Certification

Utilising the Steel Efficiency Review® to better understand a typical business serving the Transport & Automotive industry, our SER® consultants uncovered the need to:

  • Adjust customer inventory levels dependent on seasonal buyer behaviour – this would increase business cash flow when needed the most (during the slow times)
  • Simplify purchasing patterns and systems to allow seamless management of product requirements
  • Quality Assurance to ensure product is fit for purpose – eliminating risks in the manufacturing process

For more information refer to our State of Market Reports and Case Studies.

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