A commonly heard term within Steel Efficiency Review® consultations is “with a fresh set of eyes”. This is referring to the introduction of people to an area or process in which they are not familiar. By doing this, the people are not biased toward one method or another and by looking and taking in what they see in addition to asking key questions they may quickly see some improvement opportunities that the people in the area have overlooked.

Many companies will claim they have improved upon all the “low hanging fruit” opportunities and they get stuck trying to move forward. The truth is, until you get someone else with an outside view asking why certain processes are set up as they are, you may be overlooking great opportunities. Be sure to take advantage from this fresh eyes approach and allow people at all levels to be involved in this activity. It may lead them to new ideas for their own areas.

When an SER® consultant visits they have a fresh perspective and a fresh set of eyes. He or she has no preconceived notions. Waste is viewed for what it is … waste. Opportunities are viewed for what they are … opportunities.

We have found, our customers pursue the SER® as a vehicle to look at their business in a different way to make some small changes to reap big rewards. The Steel Efficiency Review® aims to provide recommendations to support our customer’s business and at the same time improve our product and service offer.

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