Toyota manufacturing goals are to build the highest quality, lowest cost products in the shortest time possible. The achievement of these goals has led Toyota to achieve and maintain its number one status in global vehicle sales.

To achieve these goals requires motivated employees who are committed to these goals. Toyota has therefore built a culture with their employees based on its founding principles of mutual trust and respect, shared prosperity and excellence in all areas of the business. The development of the Toyota culture is why its people are the mainstay of the Toyota Way.

This culture is built on capturing the hearts and minds of employees and developing habits which benefit the employee and the company. For example, Toyota developed the 4S process for housekeeping which others found necessary to call 5S as they had to add a 5th S, “Sustain”. Toyota employees would understand the benefit of the process and would therefore habitually maintain it so once standardised, it would be sustained without the necessity of adding another step to the process. In all Toyota plants this culture is evident as there is simply nothing out of place and no rubbish on the ground. This is not achieved by special cleaning activities but rather by the fact that employees will always put items where they belong and wouldn’t consider dropping paper or the like on the ground.

To build this culture you need to have processes in place that allow you to build and keep quality people by attracting, developing, engaging and inspiring them. Toyota’s philosophy is:

  • Find competent, able, and willing employees
  • Start training and socializing your people as you hire them
  • Establish and communicate key business performance indicators at every level of your organization
  • Train your people to solve problems and continuously improve processes in their daily work
  • Develop leaders who live and teach your company’s philosophy
  • Reward top performance-and offer help to those who are struggling


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