Three Key Factors That Can Make Or Break Steel Businesses In Construction

Based on the past six years and 313 Steel Efficiency Review® visits, when speaking to a steel businesses serving the Building and Construction sector in Australia, we can share the three key factors that can make or break these steel businesses:

  1. Raw material supply optimisation to minimise re-work
  2. Access to high quality branded steel products and the ability to leverage awareness for promotion of end products; and
  3. Time in waiting improvements to reduce bottlenecks.

The Steel Efficiency Review® has identified savings for these customers in two key operational areas:

  • Transportation (71%) with key findings ranging from freight support to improvements in scheduled freight;
  • Processing (65%) with key findings ranging from additional processing work involving third parties to additional processing work conducted by our operations,

We have uncovered there is a strong need for Quality semi-finished products that have passed through rigorous checks for accuracy, tolerance and grade. Read more about our SER® findings and some key statistics regarding businesses serving the Building and Construction sector in Australia here.

We will keep you posted on more of our findings in other sectors over the coming weeks.

For more information contact your local SER® representative. If you haven’t registered for an SER® click this link: