Innovation is about understanding why customers want something before designing and manufacturing the product to deliver the desired experience.

Innovation needs to be customer driven. This design and manufacturing process doesn’t need to be ground-breaking. But it does need to be relevant and required.

How do Australian manufacturers adapt their business models to keep on innovating?

With 1053 Steel Efficiency Review® visits now completed for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a full spectrum of steel industries; we have found that to unlock innovation requires businesses to look at their world through a different lens – to question and reframe the ‘way things are done’ – to determine what is on and off the agenda. Asking the hard questions is the only way to come up with the innovative solutions.

The Steel Efficiency Review® provides this approach. We ask questions and listen. Our “Key Findings” are backed by evidence gathered during our review process. We then qualify these key findings and ask questions to uncover underlying causes. Two common questions we will ask are:

  1. What is actually happening and why?
  2. What should be happening and why not?

The first question defines the current state. We consider the current situation and ask questions to better understand the challenges present. The second question is aimed at defining the ideal or proposed state. The gap between these two conditions is identified and usually accepted by all concerned. The challenge then is how to innovate and improve operational processes where it counts most.

The Steel Efficiency Review® aims to provide recommendations to innovate and improve our customer’s business and at the same time our product and service offer. We work hard with our customers to innovate and develop new solutions.

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