A booming defence industry in Australia is creating growth opportunities for manufacturers. With major projects and government programs supporting the industry for years to come, Australian manufacturers can invest in the Defence sector that is expected to keep prospering. The Australian Defence Industrial Capability Plan 2018 outlines that about $195 billion will be invested into Australia’s defence capabilities over the next 10 years.

The key products and services to be invested in comprise:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Land combat vehicles
  • Combat clothing
  • Aerospace integration
  • Explosive ordnance
  • Surveillance
  • STEM strategy
  • Munitions
  • Global supply chains
  • Cybersecurity

The Australian government is backing local businesses so they can grow and prosper by exporting expertise to the world. Exports will help strengthen Australia’s defence industry and build the nation’s sovereign defence capability, critical to keeping Australia safe and secure. This presents huge opportunities for Australian manufacturing and fabrication businesses looking to re-invent themselves, products and services.

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Source and Further Information: Manufacturer’s Monthly Paper -> Top 10 Products And Services Defence Is Investing In