An injury sustained in any manufacturing environment will affect the injured worker and the productivity of the entire organisation. Providing a safe and secure workplace is not a simple task – requiring a high level of risk management, procedural support and commitment from all employees, especially supervision and management.

Awareness training and constant follow up is required to ensure that everyone is following safe practices. BlueScope has been on this safety journey for some time now. Our mission is ZERO HARM – meaning it is critical that no one is harmed – our employees, suppliers, contractors and customers.

To achieve our mission of ZERO HARM we follow a set of safety beliefs using the acronym WEMATA:

Working safely is a condition of employment

Employee involvement is essential

Management is accountable for safety performance

All injuries can be prevented

Training employees to work safely is essential

All operating exposures can be safeguarded


We have found if you provide a safe and efficient environment you eliminate waste and create incremental opportunities. Download our Waste Reports for our insights and learnings from businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia. To register for your own FREE Steel Efficiency Review® click here.