The first point of consideration for any business involved in building, construction, manufacturing, fabrication and engineering is to partner with a supplier who is has an audited and certified quality management system. The system must comply with the requirements of the appropriate or stipulated Australian or International Standards.

The importance of product certification is to provide assurance that your products comply with the Australian / New Zealand standard: AS/NZS ISO 9001. Tracing steel products to that represented on Test Certificates” is a vital step in the process which is usually stated as a “Heat number” related to the batch of bulk metal used to manufacture the product. The heat number or some other unique identifying method needs to visible on or with the product to complete the traceability process.

Test certificates will confirm that the chemical analysis and mechanical property test results of the material comply with the stated standard along with other necessary data such as the steel making process and a commitment from the manufacturer that the product conformance is to the standard. Most Australian Steel standards also require that the material is tested in a laboratory independent to the manufacturing division.

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