The achievement of Toyota’s goals is based on 2 pillars and a foundation of the 14 principles. The 2 pillars are “Respect for People” and “Continuous Improvement”. Today we will focus on the Toyota Way meaning of Respect for People.

Develop People First and Then Build Products

– keep your people safe and allow them to work without the fear of harm

– Managers act as teachers, not directors

– mentor people closely, for years, in engineering and problem solving

– teach people to analyse root causes and make problems visible

– help them discover how to improve

Develop Teams

– real, jelled teams of 5-6 people

– team-work, not group-work, culture

Teams & Individuals Evolve Their Own Practices & Improvements

– management challenges people to change and may ask what to improve , but…

– workers learn problem solving and reflection skills and then…

– decide how/what to improve

Managers “Walk the Talk”

– managers understand and act on the goal of “eliminating waste” and “continuous improvement” by their own actions and decisions

– employees see this and therefore understand that it is important

Don’t Trouble Your Customer!

your customer is anyone who consumes your work or decisions

– relentlessly analyse and change to stop troubling them

– don’t force customers to do wasteful work

– don’t give them defects

– don’t make them wait

– don’t impose wishful thinking on them

– don’t overload them

Build Partners

– form long term relationships based on trust with suppliers and customers

– help partners improve and stay profitable

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