From our SER® consultations, we have found Quality Assurance is a key to reducing risk in steel supply in general manufacturing applications.

Partnering with a supplier who can add reliability with a certified quality management system will help build stability into your business.

The importance of product certification is now more critical than ever. Tracing products to that represented on Test Certificates” is a vital step in the process which is usually stated as a “Heat number” related to the batch of bulk metal used to manufacture the product. The heat number or some other unique identifying method needs to visible on or with the product to complete the traceability process.

From our recent SER consultations we have found the following 3 key success factors, with Quality Assurance being key:

  1. Quality Assurance and Certification
  2. Ability to source high quality raw materials (semi-finished)
  3. Brand Awareness to create new opportunities

Utilising the Steel Efficiency Review® to better understand a typical business serving the General Manufacturing industry, our SER®consultants uncovered the need to:

  • Quality Assurance to ensure product is fit for purpose – eliminates risks in manufacturing process and reduces re-work
  • Develop an inbound goods tracking system to provide a deeper understanding of stock holding which will in turn provide cash flow benefits to source higher quality inputs
  • Provide support to leverage brand and create awareness in the market
For more information refer to our State of Market Reports and Case Studies.

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