Quality Assurance is the key to reducing risk in in your operations. With 1053 Steel Efficiency Review® visits under our belt; we have found if you partner with a supplier who can add reliability and reduce risk this will help build stability into your operations.

The importance of product certification and traceability is now more critical than ever, especially if you are manufacturing, fabrication and installing products used in construction applications.

From our recent SER® consultations, our SER®consultants have uncovered the need to provide:

  • Quality Assurance – to ensure product is fit for purpose – eliminates risks in manufacturing and fabricating environments and reduces re-work
  • Stock Stability – to provide a deeper understanding of stock holding which will in turn provide cash flow benefits to source higher quality inputs
  • Traceability and Certification – to ensure product can be traced and fully certified

The Steel Efficiency Review® aims to provide recommendations to change and improve our customer’s business and at the same time our product and service offer. We work hard with our customers to innovate and develop new solutions.

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