Welcome to our first Steel Efficiency Review® blog post.

The Steel Efficiency Review is based on the TOYOTA WAY and principles of LEAN management. As we embark on our journey to speed up our processes, build quality into our systems, and eliminate the huge costs of hidden waste; we are transforming our employees into consultants with a mission. The mission is to increase customer and industry knowledge to provide a remarkable service offer.

We aim to provide our customers with the support needed to further improve and in return we’d like to form a long term, sustainable partnership – based on the following principles:

Principle 1: We’ll base our decisions on a sustainable approach, not short-term financial goals. The right process will produce the right results for both our businesses.

Principle 2: Let’s communicate openly to bring key issues and problems to the surface and offer each other advice on solutions to improve and mitigate.

Principle 3: Together let’s build a culture of helping each other, developing exceptional people and teams that follow our vision and philosophy to remove waste and constantly strive for improvement.

Principle 4: We’ll respect our extended network of partners and suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve with us.

Principle 5: Let’s make decisions by thoroughly considering all options then, implementing rapidly to reap the rewards.

Principle 6: We both aim to become learning organisations through a relentless drive for reflection and continuous improvement.

These principles will keep our interactions transparent, our conversations simple, and our offerings valuable.

We look forward to sharing our key learnings with you every step of the way with this blog.


The Steel Efficiency Review® team.


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