Manufacturing has changed so much over the past decade. Now dependent on new technologies and cost reduction, manufacturing businesses must be prepared to learn and test new approaches.

We have also found manufacturing businesses must be protected against machinery down-time and other potential disruptions to their operations. Driving continued efficiencies while maintaining product quality will require further advances in technology and work processes to adapt in a highly competitive market.

There are many factors to take into account including maintenance of equipment, standard work procedures, protection of customer data and changing project specifications. Many of these potential risks can be minimised by preparing for every eventuality.

Therefore, it’s critical to work with suppliers that are willing to support on all aspects of your business and help identify potential opportunities and threats you might not have considered. With our Steel Efficiency Review® we work hard to better understand your business challenges and potential risks to put together key findings and recommendations to provide step-change improvements over time.

Quality assured and fit for purpose steel and aluminium products allow our manufacturing customers to deliver on demanding project specifications. Test certificates provide the peace of mind and the traceability required to ensure product is compliant to Australian Standards. This reduces business and operational risk.

We have found, our customers pursue the SER® as a vehicle to look at their business in a different way to make some small changes to reap big rewards. Download our State of Market Reports for our insights and learnings after completing 1,011 Steel Efficiency Review® consultations on businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia. To register for your own FREE Steel Efficiency Review® click here.