Operational Efficiency is a challenge for all manufacturers. Producing more with less waste, time and associated costs is a key priority for many businesses.

We have found, TIME IN WAITING is a critical waste to be examined to keep these efficiencies in check and have recommended the following solutions to achieve overall efficiency in manufacturing operational environments:

  1. SUPPORT WITH SEMI-FINISHED MATERIAL – Supporting our customers with semi-finished material so they can concentrate on adding value with a few small steps in their own production line helps decrease labour costs and increase business cash flow when needed the most. A highly workable solution to help with TIME IN WAITING in any steel business.
  2. ACCURATE SALES FORECASTING TOOLS AND BUSINESS SUPPORT – Simplifying purchasing patterns and systems to allow seamless management of product requirements. Predicting future sales trends using accurate sales forecasting tools and templates. A workable solution with local business support to help overcome problems associated with TIME IN WAITING.
  3. ACCESS TO CUSTOMER-OWN STOCK – Providing the right customer stock at the right time allows steel businesses to not carry excess stock and spend time in waiting. A highly workable solution to find the right mix of customer- own stock when needed the most to ensure production is kept at optimal levels at all times.

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