A “common challenge” in many manufacturing and fabrication businesses involves the use of problematic and under performing operational equipment. Due to high levels of break-downs and maintenance time, our customers’ machines are not able to run at an efficient rate (sometimes they never have since their installation).

We have found machine breakdown and under performance can result in re-work, excess inventory and overproduction as we plan for worst case scenarios, holding higher levels of raw stock, in process and finished. So you end up tying up valuable floor space and money.

Our SER® consultants have recommended the following 3 key solutions to help:

1 – ENABLING 5S IN YOUR OPERATIONS – 5S implementation with the use of Standard Operating Procedures to provide written instructions for all of your employees. These procedures will ensure the standardisation of methods across shifts and workers, combined with on the job training they are an highly effective way to improve the quality of your product as well as ensuring the reduction in Rework.

2 – MEASURING QUALITY AS DETERMINED BY THE CUSTOMER – Implementing quality standards measured and determined by customer satisfaction and requirement. This will help with clarify specifications and acceptance standards by customers and projects – determining how to produce what’s needed without adding the cost of Rework.

3- MOVING TO A LEARNING CULTURE – Rewarding the right behaviours by paying for quality rather than quantity will encourage to worker smart and learn to improve processes and product quality. This will reduce Rework and improve the likelihood of better products customers are willing to pay for and appreciate their value.


We have found if you could eliminate or possibly reduce machine breakdown and rework – the savings would go straight back on your bottom line.

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