For nearly 30 years Jonda Sheetmetal Australia has built a reputation as a general fabricator and quality manufacturer and supplier of rainwater goods. Now the Melbourne company’s willingness to innovate to meet customer needs is attracting interest and sales of its latest product Australia wide.

At Jonda’s West Heidelberg premises John Nikolopoulos, who built the business with his wife Dani, has worked for several years to design and manufacture an effective leaf guard product.

“Customers wanted a leaf guard that was going to last – one built for all roof types. John developed several different types of perforated meshes but then decided to develop one from scratch, not just adapt something already produced for another purpose. The big problem with many mesh-type leaf guard products is that holes in the mesh are so small that they tend to clog up with dust, roof lichen and broken down plant material. When these holes fill up, the mesh almost becomes a flat surface and water will flow over the top and over the edge of the gutter”, claims John.

Jonda’s Leafless solution uses a six millimetre hole which is too large to clog, yet too small to let debris though into the gutter. BlueScope Distribution Sunshine branch has been a long-term supplier to Jonda and was able to source the aluminium feed for the machine that John Nikolopoulos designed and built to produce his Leafless gutter guard. “They’ve been a supplier of all the sheet and coil products for our business and were extremely helpful in sourcing what we needed,” Laura said.

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