There are three forms of management. One is doing your own work and NOT managing the process you are responsible for. The second is managing to maintain the current condition (which is the most common) and the third is managing to find better ways to improve the process we are responsible for – not just fixing daily problems.

The reality is that only people who are managing by continually looking for improvement are adding value to the process and business. Managers who are only focused on what they are doing will have processes which are out of control and will usually blame their team for the failures. Managers who focus on maintaining the status quo do so because it is easy. “Don’t rock the boat”, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. The problem is that our customer’s expectations and competition keep increasing so by standing still you are actually going backward.

Three of the most successful companies in the world have done so by ensuring that they manage their businesses by finding better ways of doing things. Virgin’s Richard Branson has used his Entrepreneurial and teamwork skills to transform businesses into success stories. Jack Welch transformed GE’s fortune through their management mantra of “Imagination at work” and of course Toyota whose management are reminded daily to “continuously look for a better way”. It is better to have tried and failed, than never have tried at all.

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