BlueScope Distribution in Sunshine was recently awarded the “Gold Supplier of the Year Award 2013” from Metalsa. Within the automotive and commercial vehicle market, Metalsa is a key supplier of structural component solutions for light and heavy vehicles.

This is Sheet Metals Supplies (SMS) second award for supplier performance following the Supplier Performance Award from Ford Australia in August 2011. There were approximately 20 suppliers in the running. SMS’s performance was first class, beating rivals such as Toyota Tsusho & Surdex Steel.

Peter Tamvakis, Market Development Manager SMS, commented on the win being a great team effort.

Supplying to the automotive industry is the most demanding for our type of business and requires precise planning and communication between the supplier and the manufacturer. As the automotive industry operates on a “Just-In-Time” system, stock is delivered using a Kanban system which keeps stock levels to an absolute minimum to prevent warehousing costs, obsolescence and scrap due to poor quality.

Obviously the risk with the automotive company is that if the product arrives late or is not as specified then the production line stops which has enormous cost implications as all of their processes are linked and operate on a JIT system, thus stopping one process impacts on all the others.

Winning these supplier awards therefore demonstrates the work and commitment required to continuously provide the right material at the right time and at the required quality.

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