We recently came across a great article by Tim Plenderleith, Industry Leader – Manufacturing, Aurecon in Manufacturer’s Monthly. Tim Plenderleith discusses the role of innovation in manufacturing, given the challenges that face Australian manufacturers in particular.

Plenderleith claims: “…Innovation is about understanding meaning. It’s about understanding why consumers want something before designing the product or service to deliver the desired experience. Innovation needs to be customer driven with design following meaning. The current state of play is incremental innovation. Moving away from product innovation to focus on meaning as the basis for innovation has the potential to triple current business performance.”

How do Australian manufacturers adapt their business models to keep pace with a rapidly changing world full of technologically driven disruptive forces?

According to Plenderleith, “unlocking innovation in Australian manufacturing will require manufacturers to look at their world through a different lens – to question and reframe the ‘way things are done’ – to determine what is off the agenda. For example, if closure is off the agenda, that substantially alters perspectives and provides a platform to find new ways of ‘doing business’.”

We have found, our customers pursue the SER® as a vehicle to look at their business in a different way to make some small changes to reap big rewards. The Steel Efficiency Review® aims to provide recommendations to support our customer’s business and at the same time improve our product and service offer.

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