After we conduct the Steel Efficiency Review®, delivering back to our customers is all that really matters. If we can make a small change to the way we do business and/or the way they do business; then value is truly delivered.

Our SER® consultants have recommended the following 3 key value proposition solutions to deliver real value:

  1. Access to high quality branded steel products. Working with a supplier to further promote your products and services into new and existing markets will not only provide access to the right stock but also increase market penetration.
  2. Quality assurance and certification. Quality assured and fit for purpose products allow steel businesses to deliver on demanding customer and project specifications. Test certificates provide the peace of mind and the traceability required to ensure product is compliant to Australian Standards.
  3. Optimal stock sizes and attributes. By investing in optimal material sizes and attributes where possible; steel businesses will gain greater access to market opportunities.  This will provide access to new products and markets – allowing awareness and the breakthrough of new approaches and solutions.

By implementing these value proposition solutions, our customers not only seize the market but they start to put their own customers first and even highlight the causes of many other problems within processes that are hidden by this waste. To register for the Steel Efficiency Review® click here.

To hear our customer’s side – refer to our Client Case Study video below: