What is meant by “Challenging the status quo”?

“Challenging the status quo” requires the behaviour of observing, listening, being curious and asking many questions. With the Steel Efficiency Review® our “key findings” are backed by facts and evidence gathered during our review process. We then qualify these findings and ask more questions to uncover underlying causes. We then attempt to form recommendations with our customers.

We have found the two most essential questions asked are:

  1. What is actually happening and why?
  2. What should be happening and why not?

The first question defines the current state. We consider the current situation and ask questions to better understand the challenges present. The second question is aimed at defining the ideal or proposed state. The gap between these two conditions is identified and usually accepted by all concerned.

The challenge then is how to improve and change operational processes where it counts most. Something we thrive on using the Steel Efficiency Review® when visiting our customers – to address the key challenges and work together to form solutions. It is amazing what can be achieved during this time.

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