In a recent article in the Transport & Logistics News – automation and innovation combine for a business to achieve exceptional results in operational productivity.

This business was Asahi Beverages – located in Heathwood, QLD. The introduction of an automated system helped eliminate a lot of the manual handling of pallets. This not only created efficiencies for their customers, but also increased safety for workers in not having as many forklifts in the warehouse.

Each manual touch of a pallet represented a cost to the business and comes with the risk of human error. We have found with our SER® consultations every touch point in operations can add time, waste and cost. The following solutions to achieve greater efficiency in operational environments include:

  1. SUPPORT WITH SEMI-FINISHED MATERIAL – Supporting our customers with semi-finished material so they can concentrate on adding value with a few small steps in their own production line helps decrease labour costs, increase business cash flow when needed the most and improve productivity.
  2. ACCURATE SALES FORECASTING TOOLS AND BUSINESS SUPPORT – Simplifying purchasing patterns and systems to allow seamless management of product requirements. Predicting future sales trends using accurate sales forecasting tools and templates. A workable solution with local business support to help overcome problems associated with productivity.
  3. ACCESS TO CUSTOMER-OWN STOCK – Providing the right customer stock at the right time allows steel businesses to not carry excess stock and spend time in waiting. A highly workable solution to find the right mix of customer- own stock when needed the most to ensure production is kept at optimal levels at all times.


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