Founded in Melbourne in 2006 and led by Richard Furnell, who has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Aus Build-Tech (ABT) was created to challenge the status quo and harness innovative construction solutions to improve the construction process. Aus Build-Tech‘s core business is the manufacture and assembly of light gauge steel frames for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial construction projects, using the manufacturing process of CNC rollforming.

“The use of light gauge steel for frames allows us to provide the numerous advantages of this material for our clients and also the environment, while CNC rollforming enables a more efficient and rapid construction process. This entire way of construction is innovative and continually improving the way construction is carried out,” said Richard Furnell, ABT’s Director.

Aus Build-Tech has proudly pioneered the introduction of this technology into countries where this way of construction was previously unheard of. In addition to Australia, ABT has completed projects and also provided consultations in the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Central Africa, Afghanistan and the Indian sub-continent. The end result has been a high success rate in terms of achieving budgets, along with an extremely high level of productivity. From the materials used, to right throughout the construction process, Aus Build-Tech’s goal is to improve methods of construction.

“Our main aim is to increase the value of each construction dollar by increasing productivity through the use of modern technology and innovative building methods. Our light frame systems are very simple to erect, and also to recycle, and we work closely with our customers to overcome their challenges, provide tailored solutions and deliver amazing results” said Richard.

Recently, Aus Build-Tech also underwent a Steel Efficiency Review®, which offered beneficial insights for the business. “The Steel Efficiency Review® made me stop and focus on what we are doing, which was valuable. The consultants focused on our core business – light gauge steel frames – and offered practical advice to increase productivity in our processes,” Richard stated.

“The SER® was very helpful and allowed us to step back and look into some key processes with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. Having your supplier understand your business provides the added benefits of custom product, scheduled deliveries and support with projects. Reducing risk in our operations is a key concern and dealing with BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies and their TRUECORE® steel offer helps us with certainty of product and service to match” claimed Richard.


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