Tough times call for innovative solutions. In today’s market environment where it is difficult for industrial businesses to predict volumes, supply flexibility is an essential component to survival. Often though, this flexibility can come at a high cost to the business due to high inventory levels or extended lead times if material is not available when required. To overcome these issues requires an association with a vendor who can assist with innovative and flexible solutions.

These solutions can be tailored to fit your particular business needs and to provide flexibility but keep costs down and maintain short lead times. These solutions comprise:

  1. Consignment Stock at customer’s premises
    Stock can be delivered to a customer’s premise and is purchased by the customer as it is used. That is, only what is used is paid for. Stock levels on site are replenished as it is consumed.
  1. Consignment Stock held at supplier’s premises
    Stock can be “reserved” and held by the Vendor for delivery as required by the customer. Arrangements can also be made for fixed lead time and fixed pricing models to maintain control for the customer and surety for their planning.
  1. Kanban stock control
    In conjunction with the above consignment stock processes or as a stand-alone process, a kanban replenishment system can be set up where material is maintained between agreed minimum and maximum levels.

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