For years, social scientists have said that humans resist change even saying that they are afraid to change.  But they resist only changes that they do not understand, are suspicious of, or consider to be against their interests.  Humans embrace change that seems good for them or good for the world they live in and care about (Source: The New Rational Manager).

One of the key challenges with the Steel Efficiency Review™ process is not just the proposal of change itself but the selling of the benefits of change. We have found when we engage our customer’s decision makers from operations, production, manufacturing, processing, sales and marketing; they do not fear change as a rule. What they fear is upsetting the everyday balance of their business.

Most business owners lacking information on the full understanding of what the change is and when it will be delivered, how it will affect their operations and how it will be rolled out are cautious to implement it. With this in mind the aim of the SER® consultant is to strive to identify the opportunity to explain the benefits of change and support our customers through this sometimes daunting process.

In turn we endeavor to challenge the norm in our business and uncover mutual opportunities with our customers. With the mission of helping our customers become more successful – we have found we become more successful!

The Steel Efficiency Review® aims to provide recommendations to support our customer’s business and at the same time improve our product and service offer.

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