Having alignment orients people towards a specific direction with a goal in mind.

Successful businesses have business goals cascaded downward from the top level of the organization down to ground level. It helps everyone articulate what they are doing, how they are contributing, and what they should be measuring. To determine if you are aligned, everyone in the organisation should be able to answer the following questions.

What are the company goals? This empowers people to align themselves with the company direction and understand how they contribute. How do you go from the top level goal to the ground level? It’s an upward cascade regarding your work that parallels with the downward cascade of the strategy deployment of the business plan.

What is your role in the organization? Staff must know about their role or scope of work.

What is your work responsibility? What you are truly responsible for in your daily work in regard to your role. What is involved with all my responsibilities? What is your true responsibility in regard to the business goals?

What is your job’s purpose? It’s hard to take sometimes but we all should drive our purpose towards specific standards, which contribute to the business need.

What are the goals that guide your job’s purpose? Everyone’s job has to be aligned with key performance indicators necessary to achieve the company goals. If not, then how do you really know if you are creating value? How are you measuring your own work back to the company’s goals? This is why alignment and cascading goals are essential in a culture focused on people, purpose, process and problem solving!

We hope this post gives some insights toward personal alignment within your company and what role they play in achieving company goals. This makes it much easier to cascade your business plan down through the organization. If people don’t understand it, they tend to be reactive; reactive isn’t something you want to develop has a habit. Now let’s start aligning ourselves!


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