The Steel Efficiency Review® has 1053 answers

Since 2010, we’ve completed 1053 Steel Efficiency Reviews® for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a full spectrum of steel industries.

We look closely at your production and processing lines, identify cost and time savings and recommend incremental changes which can translate into exponential profit improvements.

The SER® provides key recommendations based on those well-known 7 areas of waste:

  1. Over production
  2. Time in waiting
  3. Transportation
  4. Processing
  5. Inventory
  6. Motion
  7. Rework

It’s free, and we deliver our report in 2 weeks

There is no cost and no risk in undertaking a Steel Efficiency Review®. Our SER® Consultants, all of whom have an average of over nine years in the industry, simply offer you recommendations on how to improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity. We’ve saved steel companies millions of dollars over the last 3 years!

We come back to you within two weeks with a short report, detailing our findings, recommendations and cost-saving solutions.

Who are we?

We’re owned and supported by the manufacturing and processing arms of BlueScope. Our distribution network comprising BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, BlueScope Plate Supplies and BlueScope Distribution provides a full range of material supply, logistics and management options to meet your individual needs.

We offer a comprehensive suite of steel and aluminium products and processing services, and our expertise covers every major industry sector: Building & ConstructionTransport & AutomotiveGeneral ManufacturingMining, Oil & Gas.