Steel Efficiency Review®

The Steel Efficiency Reviews® is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a full spectrum of steel industries.

We look closely at your production and processing lines to help you identify cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements.

It’s free and simple

There is no cost and no risk in undertaking a Steel Efficiency Review®. Our SER® Consultants simply offer you recommendations to possibly improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity.

We come back to you within a short timeframe with a report, detailing our findings, recommendations and solutions.

The SER® provides key recommendations based on those well-known 7 areas of waste:

Over production

Time in waiting






Who are we?

We’re owned and supported by the manufacturing and processing arms of BlueScope.

We are BlueScope Distribution.

BlueScope Distribution is a market leading sales and distribution business of BlueScope, providing quality steel and aluminium products to the Australian marketplace. Our commitment is to work with our customers to expose mutually beneficial outcomes that will complement our product and service offer.

As part of the BlueScope group of companies, we have the ability to investigate and produce specially designed steel grades outside our standard range and offer a number of third party certification options as well as non- standard test requirements.

An integral part of our quality processes at BlueScope Distribution is to make sure test certificates are available and comply with the necessary standards. All our products comply with Australian standards and we hold ISO 9001Quality Management System Accreditation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of steel and aluminium products and processing services, and our expertise covers every major industry sector.

BlueScope Distribution is a steel sheet metal specialist focused on providing quality BlueScope products and solutions to the Australian marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality, strength and assurance to all our customers. BlueScope Distribution provides products across a number of industries, including: Building & Construction, Automotive & Transport, Manufacturing, and Mining, Oil & Gas.

BlueScope Distribution is a specialist Australian supplier of steel plate products, recognised industry wide for providing quality steel products to the Australian Market. Our customers not only rely on us for their steel needs, but also for our exceptional customer service and insight into the steel industry.

When you choose BlueScope Distribution, you will receive quality steel products and personalised service. Providing you with peace of mind to keep your projects running smoothly, backed by the technical support of BlueScope. Our customer added value services include:

  • Removing risks in the supply chain
  • Delivering the right products efficiently and on time
  • Reducing or eliminating working capital requirements
  • Providing quick and easy access to our product information and technical data
  • Offering additional business support

We make every effort at BlueScope Distribution to ensure that our customers are successful in the endeavours, and take steps to help them reach their business and operational goals.

Our Steel product range is extensive and includes:

  • Steel Plate
  • Weather Resistant Steel Plate
  • Floor Plate
  • Quenched & Tempered Plate
  • Steel Sheet & Coil
  • Aluminium
  • Steel Tubular Products
  • Building Products
  • Merchant Bar
  • Structural Steel
  • Reinforcing Steel

Our extensive product range also includes:

  • Automotive Steel
  • Cold Rolled Strip Steel
  • Hot Rolled Strip Steel
  • Metallic Coated Strip Steel
  • Pre-Painted Strip Steel
  • Plate Steel
  • Hot Rolled Coil
  • Cold Rolled Coil

Our Steel Plate product range includes:

  • Mild Steel Plate
  • High Tensile Steel Plate
  • Weather Resistant Steel Plate
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Plate
  • Floor Plate
  • Quenched & Tempered Plate

Our product brands comprise:

  • COLORBOND® steel
  • TRUECORE® steel
  • ZINCALUME® steel
  • GALVABOND® steel
  • GALVASPAN® steel
  • ZINCANNEAL® steel
  • XLERPLATE® steel
  • TRU-SPEC® steel
  • XLERPLATE® steel
  • TRU-SPEC® steel